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February 10, 2013


Frank & Sheila Doroba

Rick, we are a reflection of our parents, and your dad must have been a great man based on the great man that you are as well!

He would be proud of you and your family! Just as we are of you, and we're honored to call you "brother".

We love you,
Frank & Sheila

Mike Doroba

Happy Birthday, Bob Abel. We feel we know a large part of you through Rick.

Rick, thank you so much for the beautiful tribute to our father.

Much Love,

Mike and Janice


I know, it is weird that we will not know our Dad as an old man. But athletic?! I think given the choice I would have wanted those memories of an aging father. Maybe. You know all those times you (me, all 4 of us)wondered or wished Dad had been at our "firsts" with us (job, real job, marriage, child...)? Today I truly think he told me he has been and will always be. I went to Mass like most Sunday's but today I went not only for Dad but for Mar's Dad too. As I sat in Mass I wondered if Dad even knew I was there. It came time to receive and as I stood waiting in line the woman in front of me suddenly sat back down and the man in front of her with his back now to me was wearing a Mackinac Island long sleeve shirt. It said "Mackinac Island - Bikes Only". It caught me so off guard. I was so overcome, I simply could not hold my tears. After Mass I went and lit a candle and instead of a prayer I silently sang Happy Birthday, Dad.

Karen & Danny Doroba

Oh sweetie,
Happy Birthday to your Dad, and just know that he NEVER left you. You see, they live on inside your heart, visit you once in a while, and always watch over you and yours. His legacy lives on in you and your beautiful family!
We love you,
Danny & Karen

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